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Degital Marketing

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“Today it’s important to be presentable and to be relevant. Good marketing makes the company look smart, great makes the customer feel smart”. Search Engine Marketing is the concept of Internet Marketing in which the websites are promoted via increasing their visibility in (SERPs) or in other words, we can say it is the process of gaining website traffic on search engines by purchasing ads. We at Jcs Acquistive Infotech provides you the best service and have our focus on creativity.


SEO stands Search Engine Optimization. It is the optimization procedure to obtain or achieve high rank in the SERPs’. SEO attracts or allows to bring more visitors to your site. SEO is done in the two ways i.e , online SEO and the other is offline SEO. No doubt, SEO is very beneficial to achieve high rank. You have the privileged to opt the SEO package as per your need.

Content marketing

Content marketing refers to the online marketing of content which includes the creation and promotion of articles,blogs,social media posts in such a manner that your content acts friendly with the search engine and attracts the customer.It is a strategic marketing of content focused on creating and distributing the relevant,valuable and presentable content. Firstly,we produce and then provide the optimized as well as relevant and valuable content. Creative content marketing and SEO is our cup of tea.We believe that SEO and content marketing are correlated and essential .Thus,we integrate the content marketing in our search engine optimization service.


Think you can do PPC alone? Think again. Thousands of businesses have wasted serious money on PPC campaigns that fail to bring in customers. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you might overbid and overpay for ads that don’t attract your target audience.
Pay-per- click marketing certainly has the power to deliver instant traffic to compliment your existing digital marketing strategies. But in order to reap its benefits, you have to do it right. Jcs can help.

Paid advertising has reached new levels recently with the introduction of innovative features such as product images, consumer ratings, map information, and the likes. Because of these upgrades, PPC now involves more than just brainstorming over simple keywords and strategically bidding. You can trust Jcs to use a comprehensive and scientific approach to generate maximum ROI from your PPC campaign. We test keywords, marketplace verticals, and business models to develop a strategy that is backed by facts—not assumptions. Our PPC campaigns aim to:


  • Drive traffic through paid search
  • Reduce search engine marketing costs and CPC
  • Dominate search pages
  • Drive leads and/or sales
  • Achieve synergies between your paid search and natural (organic) search programs
  • Whether you need to start a campaign from scratch or want to overhaul your existing pay-per- click campaign, we can deliver. Our PPC services include:

  • Reporting
  • Copy creation
  • UTM tracking for Adcenter campaigns
  • Paid Search audit
  • Competitive analysis
  • Keyword research and development
  • Google Analytics tags
  • Trafficking
  • Bid management
  • Site selection for Google content network
  • Manual placement
  • Campaign structure
  • Landing page selection
  • Conversion tracking set-up

Jcs is committed to ensuring that your investment in PPC never goes to waste. We use proven methodologies that ensure a cost effective and strategic campaign. For example, we find long-tail, low-volume keywords that are cheaper to advertise on but still provide high ROI. These keywords can be used to hedge against the expensive high- volume keywords, thereby significantly lowering your average cost-per- click across the entire campaign. The result? You reach (and exceed) your targets while staying within budget. STAY IN CONTROL
Jcs shared detailed monthly reports on your PPC campaign’s success, so you know exactly how you’re faring out. Feel free to call your project manager any time to ask about your campaign’s progress, direction, or for any questions you may have. Ready to make your website shine? Talk to us today to find out how to use PPC to boost clicks and conversion. Contact us to learn more about our Paid Marketing services and solutions


Pay per click is the internet business model in which the company which has placed an advertisement on a website have to pay a sum of money to the host website everytime when the user clicks on to the advertisement. Pay per click is nowadays the quickest approach for the promotion of focused activities of a company. It is the promotion program to attain the traffic and the sum of money is paid according to the traffic required.

Frame Work Of PPC Way

How Jcs Acquistive Infotech Do Pay Per Click Advertising
We at Jcs Acquistive Infotech are very careful to provide our customers only Quality and thus work on our approach to attain best results for your campaign.

  • PPC Account Manager Dedicated to Your Account
  • Competitive, Industry, and Keyword Research
  • Keyword Bid Management
  • Negative Keyword Monitoring and Filtering
  • Ad Extensions Optimization
  • Dynamic Ad Creation to Target Customers
  • A/B Ad Split-Testing
  • Ad Extension Management
  • Custom Targeting to Potential Customers
  • Conversion Tracking and Ongoing Optimization
  • Quality Score Improvement
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Call Tracking
  • Advanced Targeting

When we comprehend your advertising objectives, survey your business, and examination your industry, we can begin by making new Pay-Per-Click crusades for your business or overseeing and advancing your current Pay-Per-Click battles


Bulk whatsapp marketing is a modern concept in the era of marketing. This service can be used for B2B as well as for B2C sectors. For this service, customers can opt for plans starting from 10,000 messages costing 40 paisa each, plus taxes. There is a discount for larger orders. Jcs Acquistive Infotech is the fastest growing, largest and renowned company in bulk whatsapp marketing which assures the fastest and 100% delivery of the whatsapp messages.


E-MAIL marketing is a direct form of marketing which is used to establish connections with the target audience, and uses electronic mail as a weapon for communicating with the audience by sending commercial or fund raising messages. We provide the different and creative E-mail marketing service which helps you to establish strong connections with the target audience. Our Email Creator Editor is a real powerhouse for email marketing professionals which provides you the number of advanced features as image editing, and thousands of responsive templates that will adapt and look great on mobile phones, tablets, and computer devices. These above features definitely make your email attractive, creative and different from others and in turn increases your growth.


Bulk SMS marketing is the marketing service in which number of messages is send to the target audience in terms of promoting your brand, services or products. Jcs Acquistive Infotech provides a cost effective and fastest delivery of bulk messages . Jcs provides the best rate and gives 100% assurance in fastest delivery of messages. If you are seeking for the professional company,100% quality and service then Jcs Acquistive Infotech is the right place to knock at.

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